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What's New at Sawdust Connection - New Gourd and Pyrographic Art, Supplies and Tools

New gourd, pyrography, woodburning art, supplies and tools

Like most artists I am always experimenting with new ideas and trying new products.What's new at Sawdust Connection.

And with my business, Sawdust Connection, I try to share some of those new and exciting products with you.

If I discover something that looks like it has potential for my pyrography or gourd art I try it out. If I love it and think others might like to try it I will make it available to my customers.

My goal is, and always had been to offer you great quality products at reasonable prices. I may not be the biggest supplier, or carry everything under the sun but I aim to offer you good quality products at competitive prices.

Some of the things you will find on this page:

  • New products
  • New colors
  • New art work
  • New pages
  • New menu categories
  • New tutorials


NOTICE: This website is continually evolving with pages, categories, products, colors, coming and going so it's important that you refresh your pages to ensure you are looking at the most current updates. Please read the information in the section below on how to do this.

The Clearance Center has been around for many years now but it's constantly changing. To keep you up to date on what has been added I have added this page to help you find all the new items quickly.

Page updates

Page updates are done on this website from time to time. If you have visited any of the store front pages recently it's a good idea to either clear your cache by going into "internet options" or "refresh" the pages to ensure you are viewing the updated page.

If you have not recently cleared the cache on your computer that is the most efficient way to make sure that the pages you are looking at (in any website) are current or you can right click in the corner of the page you are looking at and then click "refresh" or "reload" to ensure you are viewing the current version of that page with the new products, color swatches, price updates, etc.

What's new or has changed:

  • COMING SOON! - GourdSupply Products (aka Memories) Pigment Inks - These inks are veryPigment Ink Color Samples on Bristol Paper.similar to the Dye inks but work on a wider variety of surfaces. These are water based inks, more versatile than the Dye Inks & are more opaque.
  • NEW! - Razertip Carving & Woodturning Starter Kits - These are kits that are put together byRazertip. I do not stock these but I am making them available on my website. They will drop ship directly from the Razertip factory but you will get them at my discounted prices. Each of these starter kits come packed with either a Single Output or Dual Output Burner.
  • NEW! - Razertip ball stylus F99.020 (2.0mm) & HD99.020 (2.0mm).These are 5/64" SolidRazertip Single Output Carving Starter Kit. polished ball on tip end is great for shading, burnishing, writing or drawing. These are just a new addition to the other great sizes that are available
  • NEW! - Razertip Bead Maker Tip Set - Used to "push" material down, leaving a round raised "bead" on any surface, but very popular on gourds and wood turnings. Each depression makes half a bead. This has already become one of my best selling tip sets that I stock.
  • NEW! - Jacquard Lumiere Metallic Paint & Pinata Colors Alcohol Ink Exciter packs. - Exciter packs are a great way to try a variety of colors without spending a lot of money. Exciter packas have always been my most popular seller when I was stockingRazertip Bead Maker Tip Set. Jacquard products.
  • UPDATED! - Pyrography Reviews Chart has been updated with new photos, prices & information.
  • NEW PAGE! Pyrography - Learn about the history of pyrography & find links to valuable resources including tutorials.