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Perfect Pigments™ Liquid Acrylic Paint - Acrylic Paint for Art, Gourds, Woodworking and Other Crafts

Perfect Pigments™ pure liquid acrylic paints contain no fillers are suitable for fine art to crafts and work on most surfaces


Perfect Pigments™ - Pure Liquid Acrylics™ contain no fillers, allowing for clean mixed colors, &Perfect Pigment Pure Liquid Acrylics. natural translucency or opacity. Heat-setting on textiles is optional. Every color is non-toxic & exhibits a high tinting strength, flexible & superior adhesion, as well as the light fastness & permanency artists & crafters look for in quality paint.

Perfect Pigments® are an affordable range of fine art quality paints that work on virtually all surfaces & provide artists with an unlimited range of tints, values & colors. They are known for their versatility & for applications from fine art to craft, from textile painting to woodworking, & from traditional to experimental & decorative techniques.

All Perfect Pigments® are intermixable & compatible with all the paints & mediums we carry. 

Mixing the pearlescent paints with our regular acrylics will moderate the iridescent effects. Drying to the touch is dependent on the water added & surface, but is usually less than an hour. Curing is when the paint becomes a fully stable film, providing a maximum durability & water resistance. When fully cured our paint is nearly invulnerable to mild solvents. Curing usually takes at least three days for thin applications & may take up to two weeks or more for thicker applications.

Information, Features & Color Chart

The color swatch chart shows the colors on dark & light surfaces. Actual color will vary depending on the surface you paint. It is always best to test out the colors on a sample before using it.Perfect Pigment Acrylic Paint Color Chart.

  • Archival & acid free
  • Lightfast & fade resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • contain no fillers, allowing for clean mixed colors, & natural translucency or opacity
  • Exhibits a high tinting strength
  • Flexible & superior adhesion
  • Mixing provides endless color-changing opportunities
  • Use on both light & dark surfaces
  • Brushes clean up easily with water
  • Available in 24 colors: 6 primary colors, 6 secondary colors, 6 tertiary colors & 6 metallic & pearl
  • Available in 1 oz. bottles & 6 color collections
  • Made in USA
  • Conforms to ASTM D4236
  • Perfect Pigment Technical Data Sheet contains a lot of information, uses, directions for use, colors & other information

What surfaces can I use the Perfect Pigments on?

These wonderful paints can be used on just about anything. They are very versatile & will work on mostPerfect Pigment Cobalt Turquoise Hue applied to birch plywood in one coat. any surface including: gourds, leather, paper, plastics, textiles wood & so much more.

Perfect Pigment Metallic Copper applied to birch plywood in one coat.The images seen here were done on Russian Birch Plywood. The colors were applied in one coat with perfect coverage. I was really impressed with the deep, rich colors & the way they covered the variations in tones of the grain.

The metallic paints are rich & vibrant. They go on smooth & even with complete coverage. They also clean up easily with soap & water.

I was very impressed with the colors, richness & the coverage of these paints. Even Al was surprised when I told him they were acrylics. I think you will enjoy working with these paints.

When time permits I will do my own color swatch palette


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