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Craft and Pyrography Supplies - Supplies for Pyrography, Woodburning and Other Crafts

Solid-Tip Burners, Pyrography pen holders, Graphite paper and other supplies for pyrography, woodburning and other crafts

Sawdust Connection, The Pyrography Specialists carry a full line of pyrography supplies. If there is something you don't see, don't hesitate to contact me. I try to keep everything in stock, but at times, I do run out. If that happens when you have placed an order, I will notify you immediately of how long it will take to get the items from the manufacturer. I do appreciate your business and will try to make your shopping experience a pleasure. 

Wood for pyrography & woodburning

Be sure to check out the wood I carry for all your pyrography needs in the wood shop

Single Temperature Woodburners and Multipurpose Tool Kit

Wall Lenk & Dremel Solid-tip burners are both manufactured by Wall Lenk in the U.S.A. These burners are ideal for people that are heavy-handed & those who are not intending to do fine detail work.

Wall Lenk 10-In-OneTool Kit

The Wall Lenk L101KB Woodworker's 10-in-1 Tool Kit is for the Ultimate Wall Lenk 10 in 1 in plastic case.in solid-tip woodburning tools. Most other single temperature burners come with only 1 heat shield. The Wall Lenk 30 watt woodburner comes with a dual heat shield that gives the best protection for your hand from the heat of the burner. Maximum tip temperature of 1,050° F for fast, dark burning.

The kit includes 30 watt pencil style professional tool, 7-burning tips, 2-cutting & fusing tips, 1-soldering tip, plus the universal tip in the tool, tool stand, blow molded storage case, instruction sheet. This is the one I use for all my dark backgrounds and large dark shaded areas. It is by far the Cadillac of single temperature woodburners. Wall Lenk is the only manufacturer of solid-point wood burning tools in the USA.

Wall Lenk 10-in-1 Tool Kit.

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Dremel 1550 T2 Versa Tip Multipurpose Tool Kit

The Dremel 1550 Multipurpose tool is made by Wall Lenk in the USA.  Multipurpose tool for wood burning, soldering, hot knife cutting of Styrofoam and plastics, cutting and fusing rope. This professional-quality tool offers superior versatility and burning capabilities for the do-it-yourselfer or serious craftsman. It features a powerful, high efficiency bronze core heating element and by simply switching tips, the tool can be used for wood burning, leather crafting, stencil cutting, soldering, hot knife cutting and fusing rope.

The kit includes 5 interchangeable tips, tool stand and tip storage tube. Maximum tip temperature: 1,050° F for fast, dark burning. This is the same wood burning tool listed above but sold under the name of Dremel. It does not come in a case. It contains general purpose woodworking tips but does not contain all of the tips listed in the 10-in-1 tool kit.

Dremel Mutipurpose Tool.

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Hand-Made Pyrography Pen Holder

Al has been making these pen holders when I started teaching. It made the handpieces accessible for me while I was demonstrating. My students loved them so Al started making them as special orders to my students but now we have made them available on my website.

These are made from a variety of different woods and are made to order so allow a couple of extra days for your order to be made.

These are not shipped outside the USA

Woodburning Pen Holder Cherry.

Shown in Cherry & Maple

Woodburning Pen Holder Maple.

Pyrography Pen Holder
Approx. 9" x 4" x 5" Tall


This Pyrography (Woodburning) Pen holder will keep all your pens neatly organized and convenient while you are working. It holds 10 pens (in their plastic storage tubes) and will accommodate wood burning pens made by most brands of variable temperature woodburners (except Detailmaster and solid point burners such as Walnut Hollow, Wall Lenk and those available in craft stores).

It is made from solid woods such as birch, cherry, mahogany, maple, etc. (except for the bottom piece covering the holes) and comes with a protective varnish finish. This holder was designed by me and made by Alan.

For safety purposes this holder is intended to be used with the pens in their plastic tubes.

PRICE: $28.00

Pyrography Table made by Alan Denison & burned by Nedra Denison.

Portable Pyrography Table
Approx. X" x X"


This Pyrography Table is something that Al has been making for many years. It was originally made for me because my hand kept getting hot burning on a flat surface.

I put things under my work to create a slanted surface until Al finally decided it was time to make a more suitable work surface for me since I have problems with my neck & back.

We discontinued making it for a while due to lack of good source for quality wood but we finally found a new source & Al will begin making them again.

This great table puts your hand in a good position so that it takes the strain off your wrist. It has a handle making it easy to take with you to classes & shows.

The best part of this table is that it slants your work so that the heat from the pen is away from your hand so no more hot fingers.

This table is designed to be used on top of a solid work surface for a reason...it isn't comfortable nor is it good for your cervical & lumbar spine to be working on your lap.

PRICE: $30.00

Pyrography Table made by Alan Denison & burned by Nedra Denison side view.

Pyrography and Woodworking Supplies

For instructions on how to clean your pyrography pen tips with the strop & aluminum oxide or the Razertip tip cleaner/ scraper check out the Razertip tutorial.

Please note that we do NOT ship outside of the USA.

Item Description Click on the arrow to the right of the button to choose an option
Hone Strop.

WD400 - Strop


These strops are unique because of the special rubber-like material used on the strop. This material eliminates the inconsistencies of leather and will greatly outlast leather strops.  The strop surface can be renewed periodically with a little detergent and water. Each strop is bound to a wooden handle and has a round edge. These are great for honing carving tools and wood burning tips. This is what I use to clean my Razertip pens along with #WD402 Aluminum oxide powder.


OUR PRICE: $14.95

Aluminum Oxide Powder.

WD402 - Aluminum Oxide Polishing Compound


This powder is pure aluminum oxide powder without any wax binders. It comes in a one ounce jar and will go a long way. Just a pinch of the abrasive powder on your strop will maintain your carving tools and wood burning tips. This is what I used & recommend to clean my Razertip pens along with the #WD400 Strop.


OUR PRICE: $5.45

Razertip tip cleaner/scraper.

#RTCL Razertip Tip Cleaner/Scraper

This amazing tool works by scraping carbon off your pen tips. Your tips will stay cleaner and last longer. Easy one-hand operation can be done while the pen is hot so you save time.


OUR PRICE: $9.65


Graphite transfer paper 1 sheet.

Walnut Hollow Transfer Paper - Graphite

1 Sheet (12" x 24")


  • Does not contain wax.
  • It  is great for transferring patterns to light colored raw wood for chip carving, wood burning, etc.
  • It will not bleed when you go over it with a pyrography tip like wax-based carbon paper.
  • Lines can easily be erased when you are finished & it can be used over & over again.
  • Transfer your favorite patterns easily. 
  • To use, place pattern on surface and tape in place. Slip transfer paper (coated side down) between pattern & surface.
  • Use a No. 2 pencil, red pen or stylus to trace pattern elements.


OUR PRICE: $2.50

Mona Lisa Graphite Transfer Paper.

Mona Lisa Transfer Paper - Graphite

1 Sheet (18" x 24")

Same description above


OUR PRICE:  $4.00


Graphite transfer paper 5 sheets.

Transfer Paper - Graphite

5 Sheets (8 1/2" x 11")

Same description above

PRICE:  $4.25