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Pyrography Gallery - Miscellaneous Wood Burning Art

Functional, Whimsical and Miscellaneous Wood Burning Art by Nedra Denison

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Most of the burnings on this page are what I consider my "whimsical stuff"...things that are just fun to do and make me feel good! Burning wood spoons is one of my favorite "fun things" to burn.

I like to experiment with different materials in my pyrography and as long as the material is natural and untreated it's fair game. Some of my favorite materials (other than wood) include leather and canvas. While it is challenging, it is also a lot of fun. 

Since most of my work is somewhat serious and fairly detailed there are times when I just need to let my hair down and have some fun. The works here are what I do when I get in one of those moods!

All of these works are my own designs and there are no two alike.

If you would like to purchase one of my original wood burnings or would like to discuss a commission, please contact me


Wooden Spoons

I started burning wooden spoons years ago because they were fun and relatively quick to make. I consider these my "whimsical" projects when I feel the need to be creative but don't have enough time to spend on bigger projects.

There is a small gift shop in town that displays art from local artists. We have some of our work at and these seem to be a very popular seller.

The wood spoons shown here were inspired from New Mexico where we live. The morning I started making the spoons shown here started off with a St. Patty's Day hot air balloon festival literally in our backyard...and some of them landed in our front yard exciting the dogs. So, I got out my new camera and took a bunch of photos including one that is the inspiration behind my balloon spoon. Each spoon comes with leather lacing to hang on the wall.

These were painted with Lumiere Metallic & Neopaque acrylic paint. The color did not turn out very well in the photo. I will try to take a better photo soon!

Each spoon is my own design and there are no two alike. They are inexpensive  and make wonderful gifts.

If you you are interested in any of these spoons or have a particular design in mind, please contact me

 Prices range from: $20.00 - 25.00 depending on the design, the size of the spoon and if the spoon was hand carved by Alan. All spoons come with leather lacing so you can hang them on the wall.

These spoons are intended to be decorative and not to be used with food. Each spoon is sealed with an acrylic finish (not food safe) to preserve the art work.

Gecko burned & painted on a wooden spoon.

Wooden spoon with hot air balloon.

Wooden spoon with feathers.

Wooden spoon with lizard.


Rose on canvas bag.

Rose Canvas Tote Bags

These sturdy yet attractive totes measures 13 in. x 14 in. x 4 in. and are made of 10 oz. natural cotton duck canvas. 

They can be burned with one of Nedra's original designs or if you have a specific design you have in mind please contact me

Prices start at $40.00 depending on the design


Southwestern Style Napkin Holder

Nedra's napkin holder was featured in the September 2009 issue of New Mexico Magazine

This is an original design similar to the old mimbre designs from New Mexico burned on a basswood napkin holder. The napkin holder is hand-made by Alan and can be made in a variety of wood. This particular holder is not for sale but a similar one can be made with this or other designs. Also available in a Santa Fe Steps design with a variety of wood burned designs.

If you wish to have a napkin holder made for you, please contact me

Napkin holder Price: $30.00 includes burning on both sides

Shipping w/insurance anywhere in continental USA:  $9.95

A napkin holder with kokopellin on one side and lizard on the other. 

A napkin holder with kokopellin on one side and lizard on the other. 


Utensil Holder with a repeating pattern of kokopelli and lizard.

Southwestern Style Utensil Holder

Nedra's utensil holder was featured in the September 2009 issue of New Mexico Magazine

Holder is hand-made by Alan Denison

Woodburned by Nedra Denison

This is the same original design burned on a maple utensil holder. This utensil holder can be made in a variety of woods. It is burned on all 4 sides with a repeating pattern of a kokopelli and lizard. It can also be done with a variety of other southwestern designs of your choice. This holder is holding spoons hand-carved by Alan. You can see some of the spoons on Alan's woodcarving page

If you wish to have a utensil holder made for you, please contact me

Utensil holder Price:  $75.00 includes burning on all 4 sides


"Autumn Leaves"

An original design from leaves and acorns I picked up at work during one of my lunch breaks.


Pyrography - Autumn Leaves Bowl.


Pyrography Table made by Alan Denison & burned by Nedra Denison.

Portable Pyrography Table

This is a table Al made for me. This was used as the prototype for the ones we sell unfinished.

This is an original design similar to the old mimbre designs from New Mexico burned on a birch plywood table.

If you wish to order, please contact me 

Price: $75.00 includes burning on top & all sides

Pyrography Table made by Alan Denison & burned by Nedra Denison side view.


Blackberry Bowl
9" Beech wood Bowl

an original design that was burned free-hand without being sketched on the wood first.


Bowl w/ Blackberry border.


"Radiant Star" original pyrography by Nedra Denison.

"Radiant Star"

an original design



Celtic Knot
4-1/2" Basswood Plaque

an original design created with my ClanBadge software and then burned.

Price: $25.00

Celtic knot and pointillism.


Victorian Bathtub

6 x 8" on basswood Pyrography an original design


"Old Fasioned Bathtub" original pyrography by Nedra Denison.